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Asset Management

Over 30 years of experience in property management and asset value added services.

30 Years of Service

We've had more than 30 years experience with more than 50 life long clients

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Maximize Investments

Our innovative strategies are specifically designed to maximize real estate investments!

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About Our Company

Our Mission Statement says it all. With over 30 years of experience, BLR sets the standard as a proven industry leader in property management.

We have a team of experienced professionals in all departments and utilize high tech efficiencies with real custom service.

Our offices are strategically placed in San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento and Stockton to allow our team to manage any Northern California property.

If you have specific questions or would like BLR Asset Management to provide a no-cost evaluation and quote for management, please contact us by calling (209)-475-1980 or filling out our contact form.

Our Service Areas

We service areas in the Northern California area. If you want to find out if we can service your property and assets click on Learn More below.

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